Meal Box by Every Kid Fed is coming soon!

I'm so excited to announce that Every Kid Fed will now be adding a weekly holiday/summer meal program, servicing low-income students at Every Kid Fed pantry locations. Students who rely on free or reduced lunch during the school year no longer have to worry where their snacks or meals come from during holiday and summer breaks. With the app, students and parents can order  our signature or vegetarian/vegan meal box, select a pickup time and when ready, pickup their meal box at their school location! Boxes include snacks, fresh produce, poultry (or a meatless protein) and dairy or non-dairy milk that will last students up to a week.

I worked on the app myself, by teaching myself how to code, through Apple's amazing developer software, so this app means EVERYTHING to me! Stay tuned for more updates and if you love the work I do with Every Kid Fed, please consider making a donation on our donation page (under ways to help), or use our contact form to donate non-perishable food to our California locations!

With love,