Shanay Visits Bambino Children's Hospital in Rome

IMG_2581 2.jpg

If you saw our Instagram story, our founder is in Italy on vacation, and she took time out to pay a visit to Bambino children’s hospital in Vatican City earlier this week, discussing child hunger in Rome with staff and fellow physicians.

One of her medical school advisors has an extended family member that works at the hospital, and when he found out about her work with Every Kid Fed, and heard she was visiting Italy for vacation, he immediately wanted to arrange a formal visit!

Bambino Gesù is the largest pediatric hospital and research center in Europe and is passionate about serving the underserved population. 

The staff and doctors gave her a tour and they discussed child hunger in Rome. They informed her they want to follow her Every Kid Fed model, to help hungry children in Rome!

To protect patient privacy and protocol, no photos inside were allowed. This is a great milestone for EKF and we are happy to know we’re making an impact internationally!

Stay tuned for more updates! Our next launch is our Kid Chef recipe division that goes live April 8th.


Elaine Morin