Our Mission

Every Kid Fed addresses food insecurity beyond the school breakfast and lunch program by setting up food pantries that are conveniently located on-site at schools for students in need. 1 in 4 children in California are suffering from food insecurity. The school pantries complement school breakfast and lunch programs by providing access to food for children during and after the school day has ended, on the weekends and during holiday and summer breaks. The pantries are stocked with fresh produce, snacks, protein and whole grains with vegan and vegetarian-friendly options. This helps fill an important gap in the California food system in schools, especially with the current homeless and housing crisis, mostly due to the rapid gentrification and income disparities.

Areas we currently serve:

Oakland, California

Richmond, California

San Francisco, California

Sacramento, California

Los Angeles, California


"Shanay is a

power-player in social entrepreneurship.”

— 2018 BET Black Girls Rock Award Show

Founder Shanay was honored with the Making a Difference award.