April 2019

Shanay Thompson does it all: medical student, NBC contributor, model. But she didn’t stop there. In 2017, upon realizing the prevalence of food insecurity among at-risk youth she mentored, Shanay founded Every Kid Fed, a nonprofit organization that focuses on ending childhood hunger.

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Septemer 2018

Shortly after pursuing her modeling career, Shanay decided to go into the medical field as a doctor. Using her motivation to help others, she applied to Stanford University and began her philanthropic journey mentoring at-risk teens in her area. Her passion for volunteering grew, and pushed Thompson to create Every Kid Fed, a grassroots nonprofit which runs and funds year-round pantries schools in Oakland, California.

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february 2018

Every Kid Fed is going to start a lot of needed conversations.

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october 2017

Shanay is a trailblazer and at such a young age. Congratulations and we look forward to seeing more.

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August 2018

Every Kid Fed opened my eyes and my colleagues eyes to the unspoken issue plaguing low-income children. We need to step up and do our due diligence for these vulnerable children.

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May 2018

Every Kid Fed isn’t a name, it’s a MISSION.

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